• HTML, CSS & Website
    Layout Issues

    Change website logo
    Change website header background image
    Fix website background image or color
    Setup Active menu item color and background
    Weird website menu and navigation
    Dropdown menu not working
    Dropdown menu on mouse hover
    Mega Menus, Sliding menus Issues
    The Staircase navigation
    Sidebar displayed below content
    The Whitespace/Vertical Spacing Issue
    A missing hover state
    Unwanted space between list items
    Centering Image or text
    Center a column
    Fix website element vertical and horizontal alignments
    Unwanted White-space Fixes
    Weird margins
    Rounded Corners
    CSS Form Issues
    Form Input text and background color Issues
    Responsive Image fix
    Div height width fix
    FontAswsome Icons
    Weird Website Layout issue
    Responsive Website fixes
    Website Font Change
    Change text to bold
    Fix Issues with font scaling on Mobile
    Website Text and Links Color changes
    Add text selection highlight
    Add tooltip on Links
    Links documents and presentations to a paragraph
    Website color correction
    Change navbar color
    Remove Copyright (c) message in footer
    Rearrange different website sections in the layout
    Image Gallery grid issues
    Text alignment fix
    Change header background Image
    Center Image and caption or text horizontally and vertically in a layout block
    Cross Browser Compatibility Issues
    Unordered List without bullet points
    Make textarea (large text input field) fixed or resizable.
    Center align layout
    Add background image or gradient in layout block
    Stylize HTML tables, add header row background, add/remove margin padding
    Fix website responsiveness.

  • WordPress Support & Bug fixing

    WordPress installation
    WordPress code and plugin updates –worry free regular updates to WP core and plugins
    WordPress theme installation, setup and HTML/CSS customization – fix theme color, layout, content
    placement, sidebar placement, widgets
    Customize Premium Theme
    WordPress backup
    Site restoration from backup
    WordPress hosting/server migration
    Move WordPress to new domain
    Common WordPress Issues – Content placement, menu, images issues. Contact forms errors. Fix broken pages and
    Setup SEO plugin and add meta tags to all existing pages
    WordPress plugin research and setup
    WooCommerce setup and Payment Gateway Integration
    Error Establishing Database Connections
    Memory limit on media upload
    500 Internal Server error
    Retrieve lost admin username and password
    Annoying connection timeout
    404 page errors
    403 redirect errors
    Fix plugin errors
    Plugin and theme conflicts
    WooCommerce checkout and cart issues
    Fix Broken Links
    Fix Security Issues and remove Malware
    WordPress bug investigation
    Setup MailChimp
    PayPal, Stripe Integration into WordPress
    Resolve url rewriting issues
    Implement Contact Form with Captcha
    Add Google Map address in footer
    Spam removal and protection
    Hacking Protection
    SSL setup and fixes

  • PHP & MySQL Bugs and Issues

    Common Errors & Warnings:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM
    Fix Blank page
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function
    PHP Warning: include failed to open stream: No such file or directory
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent
    Call to undefined function curl_init()
    Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
    Notice: Use of undefined constant
    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded
    Fatal error: Out of memory
    Error Establishing A Database Connection
    MySQL server has gone away

    Error 500: Internal Server Error
    Add 404 page
    Add/remove .htaccess
    Add/remove 301 redirects
    403 Forbidden error
    PHP/MySQL Application related issues:
    Fix pagination
    Change text or image in a dynamic website
    Add admin user in custom CMS
    Retrieve lost admin username and password
    Fix contact form and email notification
    Common HTML/CSS/JS issues in PHP/MySQL websites and apps.
    Website backup
    Website move domain, fix DNS issues
    Website hosting/server migration
    Site restoration from backup
    Website or app bug investigation

  • JavaScript/jQuery Bugs and Issues

    Fix form validation in a web page
    Display/remove popup with test, image content on page load
    Automatically Refresh/Reload a web page in certain interval
    $ is not defined error
    Fix Modal or Popup issues
    Debug & fix AJAX form submission
    Fix Image Slider or carousel
    Fix jS Chart and graphs
    Update JS library or plugin
    Scroll to content block on link/button click
    Add/remove go to top button in footer
    Issues with dropdown menus
    Issues with dropdown login/signup forms
    Fix Image/Content Sliders, Gallery, Colorbox, Tabs, Alerts
    Fix Bootstrap 3/4 Issues

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