At Semicolon our Co-founder served many clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, the UK, and India. And helping clients overseas has been our sole motivation for establishment.

At BugCrew we are an offshore/outsourced Web Agency that specializes in web development, eCommerce development, content writing, and SEO. Our focus is on delivering high-quality web development services and establishing long-term work relationships with our clients. We prioritize scalability, clean code, and meeting deadlines to ensure the success of every project. With our team of highly efficient and experienced professionals, we leverage the latest technologies to create exceptional web applications. We greatly value detailed specifications and maintain frequent communication with our clients, appreciating those who embrace creativity and are passionate about investing in their ideas.

Client satisfaction is at the core of our business philosophy. We operate in a flexible and collaborative environment where every developer takes ownership of their work. Building trust is crucial to us, and we make it a priority from the very first point of contact. We aim to consistently deliver excellent quality at a reasonable cost. Meeting deadlines is a top priority for us, and we divide the work into milestones to ensure timely delivery. With our office hours spanning from 04:00 AM UTC to 12:00 PM UTC, we can cater to clients across different time zones, making real-time communication possible. We highly value our team members and foster a culture of creativity and innovation. We believe in maintaining effective communication through various channels to ensure a seamless workflow. As our client, you will retain full ownership of the code we develop, and we offer convenient online payment options or bank transfers, along with providing valid invoices.

The idea for my next company was in my head since I left Semicolon and moved to the US. After returning from the US the first thing I did was incorporate Berkeley Computer on Jan 29th, 2019. And this website is the new home for our creative outlet.

– Bhupal


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Incorporation, yay!

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